Who's MAX?
MAXimize Your Year TM
Learn from Max to live each day to the fullest, celebrate the unusual and Make the Most of Every Day TM!
Max is a tennis ball worshipping yellow lab that knows how to live life to its fullest. Always with a smile, wagging tail and hop in his step, Max engages humans to be more like dogs - to play hard, go for long walks, take naps, greet others with a smile, look forward to adventures and celebrate daily life.

In other words, Make the Most of Every Day TM!
Today is:    5.19.10

  Nat'l Dog Bite Prevention Week AND
   Nat'l Backyard Games Week


What's next:

    5.23.10  World Turtle Day  (now, would that be for Fannie May chocolate turtles, or little crawling painted turtles? Hmmmm)

     5.25.10  Nat'l Tap Dance Day.... yeah, tap dance around the answer to  "Did you dig into the garbage?!?!"