Hello my little bi-ped buddies!

Yes, yes, yes, this is Nat'l Dog Bite Prevention Week... as if!  So yeah, my bark is worse than my bite.  Is that such a bad thing? Can't I just be intimidating without being mean? I definitely keep solicitors awah, which makes my people happy, which then allows me to get more treat, and then makes me a happy dog!  But, more FUN than that, this is also Nat'l Backyard Games Week - how about a game of fetch? Or catch?

Did you also know that this is quite a big month? It's TENNIS MONTH (yeah baby!) and Hamburger Month, BBQ Month and Photo Month. Let's see.... how about you take a photo of me eating a BBQ Hamburger just before I play with my favorite tennis ball?  Now we're talking (or barking)!

Time for my nap so I can build up some more energy -

You know what comes next.....
Make the Most of Every Day! 

Max  :-)

(see you in a few days)

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Protecting the house and getting rested up for "Nat'l Dog Bite Prevention Week"  May 16-22
Snuggling up with Digits for "Hug Your Cat Day"  -  May 28